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Forest Trees
There is always
a way forward.


Helping Hand

I create a safe place to allow you to feel listened to and understood.  I can then provide hope and clarity, as I guide you on your way forward.

I'm here to help you take that step forward.


The coaching I offer through private online sessions, begins with me listening - really listening - to your unique story. This is the first step to finding your way forward.

When you are truly listened to, the way forward becomes clear.

In our sessions, I guide you out of the difficult situation you are in, help you make important decisions, get out a rut or find your flow in life.


II’ll help you with relationships, friendships, career, business, families, communication, health and fitness, wherever you have got stuck.


If you would like someone to listen to you and really get you
If you want to find a way forward and don’t know how

If you would like a gentle hand to guide and empower you to take the next step …

...then work with me, let me nurture, support, and guide you to take the first step.


My absolute belief: there is always a way forward!




Somewhere a door opened, and Aimee gave me what i needed to walk through.


Aimee’s approach helped me to see the wood for the trees and tune to why I make decisions that do not serve me, and how to change to a life plan that is actually aligned with what I truly want. I would highly recommend Aimee’s coaching regardless of your needs and goals.

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