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Who am I?

Challenging events in my life have been both difficult and deeply rewarding. Among many things, I have experienced the highs of motherhood and representing New Zealand at Ironman but have also endured the lows of abuse as well as a threatening and a life-changing medical condition.

I am so grateful for all of my life, including the tough times.  These have given me the resiliency to work out a way forward from stuck places to not only survive but also thrive.

My life experience gives me my unique perspective on the world and has equipped me with my passion for helping people.

All my life, as far back as I can remember, I have been able to break situations down and find a way forward. This is the basis of my life, including all my life coaching and endurance coaching.


  • I am a mother of two gorgeous boys (men!) and three pooches, and a wife to my lovely husband, Seān

  • I am an Ironman athlete, with 10 Ironman races - three in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.  I have raced 15+ Half Ironmans, and many other endurance events

  • I LOVE competing but love training MORE!

  • I am a triathlon coach - I train and guide an awesome team of athletes @ to reach their true potential

  • My former work life in human resources revealed to me my passion to authentically help and grow people to feel good and really live life

  • Here I am now! A health/life coach, working with clients in New Zealand since 2012

  • I am an educator and work with businesses - now my focus is on helping them to maximise their workforce’s wellbeing, communication and resilience

  • I am a motivational speaker – I believe we all need to tell our stories, so we can connect with and inspire each other to move forward!

  • I love yoga and all it brings to our life

  • Mostly … I love learning about people and listening to their stories

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